Give thanks.
Count blessings.
Treasure life daily.

New Direction

Now that I’ve felt a need for a pivot, what’s next? What direction is this website headed toward?

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I’m still trying to find my footing for the direction of this blog, but I sense a pivot in the horizon!

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“let’s be amazing together”


Sharing good finds.

There are so many tools and resources for inspiration out there! Ideas, phone apps, online articles, YouTube videos, inspirational posts, podcast episodes, life hacks... you name it! My goal is to unearth the very best that is out there, and to share a "daily treasure" every day, from Monday through Friday.

Sharing an attitude of gratitude.

Let's have an attitude of gratitude, y'all! This isn't to acknowledge that bad things don't happen in life. They do. But, the reality is that even small victories are worth treasuring. Especially when the going gets tough, the need to be grateful is that much greater!